.WPS file extension

This is the basic program to work with .WPS extension


ArchiCADArchiCAD Wall Properties Script

The program works with the following extensions: rpr, gsm, 2dl, rsm, gps, 2le, bpc, plp, bep, ppa, bpn, pca, cpr, bpp, pae, dor, mde, fpr, pea, fps, tpl, ism, sps, lcl, plc, lmp, bpe, pla, a3d, pln, spr, pne, mod, rps, ppe, wps and -bce

.WPS extension is also supported by the following programs:

Microsoft Works for Windows

Microsoft Works for WindowsMicrosoft Works 4.0 Word Processor

WordPerfect Office X4

WordPerfect Office X4MySQL Tools for

A complete office suite ideal for organizations, governments, and consumers.
Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft OfficeKingsoft Writer Document

Three full featured office applications: Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation.
Microsoft Works

Microsoft WorksMicrosoft Works 4.0 Word Processor

Microsoft Works 9 is a suite of home tools to facilitate your everyday tasks.
Microsoft Works Setup Launcher

Microsoft Works Setup LauncherMicrosoft Works 4.0 Word Processor

KeyView for Lotus

KeyView for LotusWPS File

Keyview for Lotus is a freely distributed program for viewing Lotus documents.
WordPerfect (R) Office X3 - Home Edition

WordPerfect (R) Office X3 - Home EditionWPEntrust Signed Document


WAPTWAPT Scenario File

WAPT is a load and stress testing tool of your web site.

PhotoPhiliaWPS Image

It performs as an image viewer, editor, organizer, manager.
WPS Office 个人版

WPS Office 个人版WPS文字 文档

Larry's WordPerfect

Larry's WordPerfectWPEntrust Signed Document