.ALZ file extension

This is the basic program to work with .ALZ extension


ALZip ALZip alz File

ALZip offers you a very simple and easy way to manage archive files, such as ZIP files. While the program can create archives in 8 formats – including ZIP, TAR and JAR – it can open archives in more than 40 popular formats, including RAR, 7Z, ACE, CAB, ISO, and many more. That's why ALZip can perfectly replace any major archive file manager, like WinZIP or WinRAR... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: 7z, gz, zip, iso, rar, tgz, z, ha, bh, uu, war, alz, xxe, zoo, pak, ice, cab, alx, jar, bin, b64, ace, arj, bhx, bz2, hqx, mim, lcd, lha, arc, lzh, tar, ear, enc, uue, r03, r19, r04, r20, r05, r21, r06, r30, r22, r07, r33, r23, r08, r36, r24, r09, r37, r25, r10, r38, r26, r11, r39, r27, r12, r40, r28, r13, r41, r29, r14, r44, r15, r45, r00, r16, r46, r01, r17, r47, r02, r18, r48 and 001

.ALZ extension is also supported by the following programs:


¾ËÁý ¾ËÁý alz ÆÄÀÏ


Zip'N'All ZipNAll alz File