.SGL file extension

This is the basic program to work with .SGL extension


StarOffice StarOffice 5.2 Master Document

StarOffice supports the OpenOffice.org XML file format, as well as the OpenDocument standard, and can generate PDF and Flash formats. It includes templates, a macro recorder, and a software development kit (SDK). StarOffice 9, released in November 2008, added support for version 1.2 of the OpenDocument standard and Microsoft Office 2007 files and a number of other improvements... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: oxt, scc, sda, sdc, sdd, sds, sdw, sgl, stc, std, sti, smf, stw, ods, vor, otg, odb, otp, sqf, ots, smd, ott and sfs

.SGL extension is also supported by the following programs:

Kai's SuperGOO

Kai's SuperGOO SuperGOO Library

Strata 3D CX

Strata 3D CX Strata Gel

Power for the entire 3D design and animation workflow.
The Print Shop Signature Greetings

The Print Shop Signature Greetings Signature Greetings Project


OpenOffice OpenOffice.org 5.0 Master Document

It is designed for word processing, presentations, graphics and databases.