.WSZ file extension

This is the basic program to work with .WSZ extension


Winamp Winamp extension installation file

Winamp player is designed to cover the large area of video and audio media file types available today. The player comes with various types of new skins and visualization styles and is easier to personalize in both menu style as well as preferences , playlists, bookmarks, history, etc... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: mp3, mp4, wma, avi, wmv, flv, mpp, xm, as, sf, xi, au, it, vqf, mod, nsa, raw, paf, pvf, m4e, mp2, nst, caf, rmj, wpz, nsv, kar, vlb, rmx, cmf, okt, w64, sdc, gmd, mpg, ptm, m4a, aif, sds, hmi, rmi, s3m, m4b, xpl, ape, hmp, snd, s3z, m4v, b4s, asf, mpc, hmz, wav, stm, pls, fla, asx, wax, stz, sd2, mac, amf, mss, ult, dts, mat, far, mus, voc, mp+, cda, xmi, wmx, wal, shn, m2v, itz, aip, wpl, wsz, mp1, wlz, m3u, mdz, med, wvx, xmz, ogg, mid, miz, dsm, aac, avr, ogm, mtm, mjf, apl, htk, mpeg, m3u8, aiff, mids, flac, midi, audiocd and 669

.WSZ extension is also supported by the following programs:


TUGZip TUGZip WinAmp skin archive

TUGZip is a strong utility for archiving with Windows Explorer integration.

PowerArchiver PowerArchiver ZIP File

Compress files, extract archive content and compile ISO images.
InterVideo WinRip

InterVideo WinRip WinRip Play List File

UltimateZip 2007

UltimateZip 2007 UltimateZip File

UltimateZip is a commercial file compression utility.

UltimateZip UltimateZip File

Create, encrypt and extract archive files on your PC.

Unlimited_Winamp Winamp extension installation file

Winamp Pro

Winamp Pro Winamp extension installation file

It allows you to listen, watch and manage music and video content.

ZipZag Winamp 2 Skin

Handles Rar, Zip, Bz2, Ace, 7z, Iso, Cbr, Cbz, Tar, Cab, Jar, Msi, Pk3, Pak, Lzx.
Winamp Remote

Winamp Remote Winamp extension installation file

WinAmp Remote 2.2 is a utility to stream MP3s on your disk through the Internet.
Monkey for Winamp

Monkey for Winamp Winamp extension installation file

Winamp Nokia Edition

Winamp Nokia Edition Winamp extension installation file

Quick Zip

Quick Zip Wsz Archive

Quick Zip performs archive operations over a wide range of archive types.