.XX file extension

This is the basic program to work with .XX extension


ZipGenius XXE Encoded File - ZipGenius File

ZIP archives are mostly known for their capability to store a large number of files thus helping you save space on your hard drive or USB stick. One program that can help you create and decompress file archives with ease is ZipGenius. A good thing about this application is that it comes with two different interfaces designed for beginner and advanced users... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: 7z, gz, zip, iso, rar, tgz, z, xx, uu, cab, jar, ace, b64, arj, mim, bz2, arc, ear, war, lha, zoo, sqx, tar, lzh, yz1, taz, pak, uue, xxe, czip, r88, r21, r55, r71, r05, r37, r89, r22, r56, r73, r06, r38, r90, r23, r57, r74, r07, r39, r91, r24, r58, r75, r08, r40, r41, r92, r25, r59, r76, r09, r44, r93, r26, r60, r77, r10, r45, r94, r27, r61, r78, r11, r46, r95, r28, r62, r79, r12, r47, r98, r29, r63, r80, r13, r48, r99, r64, r81, r14, r15, r49, r65, r82, r16, r50, r66, r00, r83, r17, r51, r67, r01, r84, r18, r52, r68, r02, r30, r85, r86, r19, r53, r69, r03, r33, r87, r20, r54, r70, r04 and r36

.XX extension is also supported by the following program:


ZipZag Xxe Encoded File

Handles Rar, Zip, Bz2, Ace, 7z, Iso, Cbr, Cbz, Tar, Cab, Jar, Msi, Pk3, Pak, Lzx.