.REP file extension

This is the basic program to work with .REP extension


PowerArchiver PowerArchiver ZIP File

PowerArchiver is a complete archive utility for Windows. Supported formats include ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, ISO and 20 other file formats. Also includes automated backup and SFX utility. PowerArchiver features Advanced ZIP/ZIPX AES encryption with FIPS 140-2 validation... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: 7z, gz, tgz, zip, iso, rar, z, uu, bh, bz, b64, mim, arc, uue, xxe, ace, ear, arj, cab, enc, ntx, jar, pae, bz2, bin, pk3, img, qwk, nrg, rep, lha, psf, war, tar, lzh, ppf, wal, xpi, taz, wsz, zoo, tbz, nco, tbz2, r18, r30, r85, r52, r02, r68, r19, r33, r86, r53, r03, r69, r70, r20, r36, r87, r54, r04, r71, r21, r37, r88, r55, r05, r73, r22, r38, r89, r56, r06, r74, r23, r39, r90, r57, r07, r75, r24, r40, r91, r58, r08, r76, r25, r41, r92, r59, r09, r77, r26, r44, r93, r60, r10, r78, r27, r45, r94, r61, r11, r79, r28, r46, r95, r62, r12, r80, r29, r47, r98, r63, r13, r81, r48, r99, r64, r14, r82, r49, r65, r15, r16, r83, r50, r00, r66, r17, r84, r51, r01, r67, 001 and 01

.REP extension is also supported by the following programs:


ACT! MySQL Tools for

Contact management solution.
DXP 2004

DXP 2004 Report File

ACT! 2000

ACT! 2000 ACT! Report Template

Information manager for salespeople.
ACT! by Sage

ACT! by Sage MySQL Tools for

ACT! 2010 is the #1 selling Contact and Customer Manager.
ACT! by Sage Premium

ACT! by Sage Premium MySQL Tools for


BusinessObjects BusinessObjects Document

Altium Designer

Altium Designer Report File

Leverages innovative technologies to help you focus less on the process.
ACT! Premium

ACT! Premium MySQL Tools for

PowerArchiver 2009

PowerArchiver 2009 PowerArchiver ZIP File

PowerArchiver is a very powerful file compression utility.
DXP 2004 SP2

DXP 2004 SP2 Report File


Espri Espri Report

DBManager Professional

DBManager Professional Report Document

management for databases.

Act MySQL Tools for