.QWK file extension

This is the basic program to work with .QWK extension


PowerArchiver PowerArchiver ZIP File

Nowadays, when there are numerous compression tools on the market, the choice of the perfect tool for you depends on your priorities, such as available encryption suite, compression speed or the power of compression. PowerArchiver is a compression tool that embeds every important feature that such a program must have... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: 7z, gz, zip, iso, rar, tgz, z, bh, bz, uu, uue, xxe, ear, ace, cab, enc, arj, jar, ntx, bin, pae, bz2, img, pk3, nrg, qwk, lha, psf, rep, lzh, ppf, wal, war, tar, wsz, xpi, taz, nco, zoo, tbz, b64, mim, arc, tbz2, r55, r05, r71, r21, r37, r88, r56, r06, r73, r22, r38, r89, r57, r07, r74, r23, r39, r90, r58, r08, r75, r24, r40, r91, r59, r09, r76, r25, r41, r92, r60, r10, r77, r26, r44, r93, r61, r11, r78, r27, r45, r94, r62, r12, r79, r28, r46, r95, r98, r63, r13, r80, r29, r47, r99, r64, r14, r81, r48, r65, r15, r82, r49, r00, r66, r16, r83, r50, r01, r67, r17, r84, r51, r02, r68, r18, r30, r85, r52, r53, r03, r69, r19, r33, r86, r54, r04, r70, r20, r36, r87, 001 and 01

.QWK extension is also supported by the following programs:

PowerArchiver 2009

PowerArchiver 2009 PowerArchiver ZIP File

PowerArchiver is a very powerful file compression utility.
PowerArchiver 2003

PowerArchiver 2003 PowerArchiver ZIP File