.FLIC file extension

This is the basic program to work with .FLIC extension

Haihaisoft Universal Player

Haihaisoft Universal Player

Having a multimedia player that supports a large variety of formats is quite a necessity as nobody likes facing incompatibility issues. One example comes from Haihaisoft Universal Player. This easy-to-use multimedia player will let you watch your favorite videos, listen to your music collection and check your photo libraries... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: vob, wmv, mp4, mp3, flv, avi, swf, ifo, mkv, dat, wma, tp, mov, ra, qt, rm, rp, rt, au, rv, wm, ts, m4v, drc, wmx, d2v, mp2, m4e, wvx, rpm, dsa, 3g2, pls, dsv, ram, 3gp, wmp, aif, hup, mpa, pva, smi, mpe, rmm, aac, vp6, asf, mpg, ac3, m2t, asx, dts, amr, bik, rmi, flc, m2a, snd, mpc, fli, roq, cda, mka, mps, m1a, tpr, m1v, wav, ivf, m4a, pss, m2v, ogg, wax, dss, m4b, m3u, ogm, m4p, dsm, mid, midi, flic, mp2v, 3gp2, aifc, 3gpp, aiff, smil, mpeg, rmvb, divx, mpv2, m2ts, huppl, hdmov, mpcpl and ratdvd

.FLIC extension is also supported by the following programs:

Pure Codec Player

Pure Codec Player Autodesk Animation

It installs 3 different players and codecs required to play video files.


QVOD player (Nora) is a powerful universal player.

StormPlayer Autodesk FLIC 动画(FLIC)

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic FLC Video

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema is a free audio and video player for Windows.

MpcStar Autodesk FLIC animations (FLIC)

Plays all your movies and music downloaded from the internet.

¿ìÀÖÓ°Òô Autodesk FKIC??


Player Autodesk FLIC Animation

Player is a program that allows you to play and listen audio and video files.
Real Alternative

Real Alternative

Real Alternative is a program that installs the support for Real Media files.

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